« Spécialisée dans la maintenance et l’installation d’équipements industriels, la société MARCHANI est à votre service pour tous vos travaux de tuyauterie, chaudronnerie, tôlerie et mécanique industrielle »


  • Approuved Dry dock Outfitters by GTT, our French company, one of the major player in CCS works, has a unique know how has been acquired during repair of Cargo Containment Systems on LNG Carrier with “GTT” systems all generations and all types as N.O, MARK and CS1. MARCHANI Company is regularly involved in CCS works abroad, our specialized teams are also busy with over seas deployments. They are fully trained&certified for any type of CCS or staining piping repair, from minor leaks to full tanks refit. We are able to offer our services as advice and technical assistance, training, supervision and management of project and operating team. Our polyvalence enable us to place over seas at the disposal of Owner&Shipyard, teams of skilled people as Carpenters (who are specialized with fitting&bonding of secondary barrier insulation MARK I&MARK III systems), Fitters, Platters&Welders (who are specialized with 304 L Stainless Steel corrugation (Mark system primary membrane) or Invar Iron-Nickel Alloy (NO systems primary&secondary membrane arrangement).